• Shipping costs can change depending on the delivery address: extra costs could be added in case of faraway or hard to reach place. The checkout page will show the exact cost amount depending on the inserted postcode.
  • The products will be delivered street level to the indicated address – specified by the client – by courier.The client must accurately fill in all delivery information. Atelier Parissetti is not responsible for missed delivery because of wrong delivery address or telephone number. In these cases, the Client will pay all additional costs.
  • Delivery times depend on ordered Products: generally the delivery for job order takes from 6 to 14 weeks, depending on the ordered quantity too. For Atelier Parissetti times are approximate and not strictly binding.
  • Regarding available products, shipping times can take from 3 to 10 working days. For Atelier Parissetti times are indicative and not strictly binding.
  • Depending on weight, size and quantity of the ordered Products, different methods could be adopted to deliver your order.
  • In case of unavailability of one or more products after the order, Atelier Parissetti can proceed with the shipment of the other products ordered by the Client. The incomplete delivery is considered valid and does not allow the client to benefit from additional compensations but those ones provided for by law – for the products that cannot be delivered and for the eventual extra cost of the paid amount regarding the products that have not been delivered.
  • From the moment of delivery, the property and the risk regarding the transport of the products are made over the client.
  • Before making the Order, the Client has the responsibility to verify the complete possibility to receive the Product; this includes that the Product can get through the front door of the house, across the staircase and all the settings necessary to the delivery.
  • The Client considers and accepts that the shipping availability could be not real-time up-to-date because of the possible simultaneous access of many people on the Site. For this reason the real availability of Products – in comparison with that shown on the Site – can change during the day.
  • In accordance with Articles 130 and 131 of Legislative Decree No. 206/2005, Atelier Parissetti is responsible for two years, starting from the date of delivery, for possible compliance blemishes of the Products at the moment of delivery, in particular it’s responsible for flawed or damaged products. The Client falls from his rights provided for by Art. 130, clause 2 of Legislative Decree No. 206/2005 if he doesn’t communicate to Atelier Parissetti he revealed compliance blemish by two months from the time that he noticed it.
  • Atelier Parissetti will take care of products that will be damaged, flawed or nonstandard with the contract and will bear the expense by an adequate time, changing the object with other Products that have the same quality and name, available in its stocks.
  • If the replacement with a same quality or a same name product is not possible (for example because of its unavailability), Atelier Parissetti will refund the entire amount paid by the Client for the damaged, flawed or nonstandard product and the shipping cost (or, in case of multiple deliveries, will pay possible extra charge for the damaged, flawed or nonstandard product).
  • The Client could take charge of some products assembly.
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