Planning and Interior Design


Let’s create a space with a mix of old and new,  an infusion of color, style and a bit of the unexpected. We will choose with you materials, fixtures and furniture, respecting your needs and directions.

From the architectural planning of the interior to the attention to details combining it all with an eye that sees the ordinary as also magical.

We’re there every step of the way, organizing each aspect of the renovation of your spaces.

Our decades of experience allows us to offer contractors that can realize the project defined with you.

For everyone who wants to create a beautiful residential or commercial interiors  we can help you achieve this.

Manufacturing Design

You will really appreciate the selection and style of our ranges and our custom-made furniture; Design solutions that are able to satisfy your demands.

We use as much as you already own first, offers advice on when spend it, and how to fill in the blanks. In this process you can create with us your sofa, a lampshade, new curtains and all furniture you need. 

We offer our professional advice and suggest a range of different options to create, along with you, the space you have always dreamt of.  We make the most of your space: this is how we transform houses, hotels, or outdoor spaces.


Colour Consultancy

sophia studio

Let Atelier Parissetti help find the right colour for you!

Colour is a mood-changer; deciding on the right colour and scheme can sometimes be the hardest part of a project. However, working with us can make the whole process a lot easier and even funny!

You can have a free In-store Consultation or an Home Consultation.

You can buy the paints directly in Atelier or we can send to you the right amount you need.

Whether you’re painting the interior of your home or the exterior, our color brochures have everything you need to find some inspiration.


Tapestry, makeover and decoration!

Tapestry, window treatments, wallpaper, new colours, made to measure lampshades, furnishings, lighting and more… we love this too! A mail  is enought to get a quick quotation!

Are you are looking to re-design a room? You may be looking for some decorating or remodeling guidance. A bit more work, but, if you want , you can use our design my room e- decorating service!


Home Decoration Store


Basically, it’s a space full of a whole bunch of things that you don’t particularly need in order to continue living BUT if you had them all in your home, your life would just be SO MUCH better.

In our Atelier you can also create your online wedding gift list. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about what you need, we’ll be able to point you in the right direction to make sure you have all the essentials covered respecting a good balance between useful & ephemeral.

For further information mail us at

Be Inspired







“Chiunque ad un certo punto della vita mette su casa.
La parte difficile è costruire una casa del cuore.
Un posto non soltanto per dormire, ma anche per sognare.
Un posto dove crescere una famiglia con amore,
un posto non per trovare riparo dal freddo ma un angolino tutto nostro da cui ammirare il cambiamento delle stagioni; 
un posto non semplicemente dove far passare il tempo, ma dove provare gioia per il resto della vita.”


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